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Tick Control in Missouri & Kansas 


Ticks are one of the more dangerous pests in Kansas & Missouri due to some of the diseases they carry. Ticks actually cause more human disease in Kansas City than any other insect. 


The most common ticks found in Kansas & Missouri are american dog ticks, lone star ticks, and deer ticks. 


Some of the diseases caused in humans from a tick bite are rocky mountain spotted fever from american dog ticks, heartland virus, alpha gal, bourbon virus, STARI (southern tick associated rash illness) from lone star ticks which are the more aggressive and identified usually with a white spot or a "lone star" on their backs. 


What we can do to prevent ticks is full yard treatments. We can give a free in person or over the phone estimate of what that would cost. What you as the customer can do is cut your yard regularly and reduce clutter around the yard such as leaves, or debris. 

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