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Wasp Control In Missouri & Kansas

red wasp.jpg

Wasps are social insects. The more common wasps in Kansas & Missouri are the black wasps, red wasps, and paper wasps. As social insects they usually build nests for the queen to lay eggs around your soffits, eaves, corners of the garage, and anywhere they can find shelter such as attic spaces, chimneys, even in openings in wooden decks or fences. 


Wasps generally don't sting unless provoked but due to the amount of wasps buzzing around door frames or Windows of your home their painful stings could happen with simply going out the door to your deck or patio. 


Our treatment methods specific for wasps include treating the eaves, decks, garage, and around the windows with deterrent and eliminating sprays as well as using dust products for any infestations in attics, chimneys, and any holes that they may have gone into for shelter. If the property has trees we can use deterrent products on those as well. 

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